Monday, May 19, 2008

May Mystery Motif

Even though it's already been unveiled (but I didn't look!), I tried my hand at the May Mystery Motif. When I finished, I was convinced this motif had an inner flower that was just waiting to come out! So here is my try at it. I give you a pansy:
For whatever reason, my scanner INSISTED on turning it sideways. I tatted this with Flora #20 except for the light yellow petals. The only thread I that was light enough was Altin Basak #50, which is one of my favorite threads to work with.
So there it is, I hope you all like it!


  1. It looks lovely. I like it sideways it looks more artistic that way.

  2. Lovely! Someone else thought it reminded them of a pansy and I thought that too, but you are the only one who actually used colors to make it look like a pansy!
    :-) Gina

  3. This is a great pansy! The colors are just like the little wild ones that pop up all over my yard in the summertime. Great job!

  4. Welcome to tatting blogger land! Your pansy is lovely!