Tuesday, May 20, 2008


No tatting today. I just wanted to say thanks to all of you who have commented on my blog. You're all so nice. I'm sorry I didn't find out about you all years ago. I've really been missing out!

On a tatting note: I will be starting Jane's TIAS tomorrow. Playing with three shuttles, a pile of safety pins and 8317 beads should be a lot of fun! :D


  1. I hope you have fun with Jane's TIAS. I think I'll keep that one on hold... I'm in the middle of another Iris Niebach doil... I'm addicted!

    I love the What Flower Are You? link... I'm a violet!

  2. I want to do Janes TIAS too but I don't think I can round up all the supplies required. Perhaps I'll live vicariously through you. I've only been blogging for one year and two months and it seems like every month a new tatting blog pops up. It's wonderful.
    Welcome again!

  3. Looking forward to your post of the TIAS. I'm tatting something yummy and then A doily in a tat-a-long on eTatters.

  4. I can tell this TIAS is going to take a couple (dozen) tries to get right. I'm left handed, but tat right handed, so the hard part is going to be stringing the beads on the second half of the split ring cuz I have to use my right hand! When I accomplish the deed, I'll definitely post pics for you all to see. I'm also doing a doily. It's one of Teri Dusenbury's pattern! I just love her patterns.

  5. WELCOME. I was exactly in the same boat as you were - learned few years back but only now with full gear. Your fan looks similar with what I have done mine. Take a look at my blog www.concerningzarina.com/My_Craft/index.htm