Sunday, June 1, 2008

One finished and one not so finished...

Hi everyone! I haven't had much to post about lately because next week is Final Exams week and there were some class projects to be completed before then. I'm so glad this semester is over. Two very boring subjects (computer programming) and the instructors weren't very lively themselves. So, anyway. After getting all that stuff completed, the last thing I wanted to do was sit in front of the computer for more than a minute or two!

OK, on to the important stuff... I finished my Teri Dusenbury's Vanishing Heart doily. I used Oren Bayan No. 50 thread. At one point, my brain or maybe my fingers got confused because I had to cut out the motif I was working on six times. I kept joining in the wrong place or just do it plain wrong. A lot of thread ended up wasted, but the results are nice. Not nice as Teri's, but not too shabby.

I also tried my hand at one of Lenore English's snowflakes. This one is called September Serenade. This was the first piece I've ever tatted that involved weaving one round around another. You can see some of the fabric stiffener I applied. I'm going to hang it in my window. Looking back, I should have added some glass beads. Then it would really be a sun catcher. I'll just make another one....

Since I had yesterday afternoon all to myself, I decided to try one of Iris Niebach's patterns. This is 'Eleonora' from her book 'Tatted Doilies'. It's tatted in Olympus No. 40, Color M10. I scanned this piece, so the colors look a little harsh. They're actually very soft. The little bit you see here took me ALL DAY to do. Hahaha! I'm a slooooww tatter as it is, but it was snail speed on this one. Iris' designs are beautiful, but (to me) her patterns are kind of tricky. I guess I'm just used to someone telling me to switch shuttles and reverse my work. I'm glad I finally got the nerve to tackle it, though. I feel like I've learned a lot about how to interpret a pattern and will be a better tatter because of it.

Wow, do these pictures look like crap. I need to get a new camera. I'm off to do some garage sale-ing. Have a nice Sunday, all!


  1. All of your tatting looks beautiful! I'm glad you were able to figure out links!

  2. Pretty, pretty tatting. Looks like you did justice to the Vanishing Heart to me. The snowflake is really pretty -- the colors you've chosen are so well suited to each other. Congratulations on working on one of Iris' doilies. They really are amazing, aren't they? I learn something new every time I try one (over and over!). The techniques aren't difficult, but they way she uses them and how she wraps her brain around all that to get them made in one round is incredible!

  3. All your projects look so beautiful! Great job on the heart doily and the Celtic style snowflake. I think everyone finds Iris Neibach's doilys to be a little least that's what I read on everyon'e blogs so you are not alone in that. Good Job!!!

  4. oooh ahhh! I love the colors you chose for September Serenade. Great job on all the tatting, it's lovely and I want to see more!

  5. I guess you are taking a computer science degree. Luckily for me, from now on I just have to work on my master's project (no more classes). The major reading and work was completed last semester. Now just to get the data and some polishing work.