Saturday, July 19, 2008

Cacti and snowflakes in July

I love cacti and succulents. So many different varieties and all are beautiful, even the ugly ones. There are approximately 15 pots of them on my balcony. I look forward to July, not just for the hot steamy weather but because my cacti begin to bloom. For the life of me, I can't remember the name of this particular plant that is showing off its bright pink flowers (haworthia, maybe?). I'm really proud that it did bloom, because during the winter it was infested with such a severe case of mealybugs that all I could do was take some cuttings that were untouched. The mother plant was very large and about ten years old, so it was quite sad to lose it. It was also my first succulent. In the second picture, is a blooming living rock, also known as lithops. They are so cute!

The long blades of what looks like grass is really the leaves of a ponytail palm(beaucarnea recurvata).

And now for the snowflakes...

I began working out of Jon's wonderful book this morning. I just can't gush enough about it. The patterns are so cleverly written yet simple. Beautiful!! I'm going to end up with a blizzard soon, I just know it.

Here is Aladdin with and without beads. Tatted in Olympus No.40, variegated blues...

With 11/0 silver lined seed beads...


  1. Your snowflakes are beautiful! I really like the way the beads look on this one.

  2. The cacti look like a little cactus cute. The snowflakes are beautiful!

  3. It just shows how beads can change a simple piece.

    You have make me yearn to help mum repair her many cactus which has been left neglected after the arrival of my new 2 nieces in November and March. I should get a pot with a fairly big surface instead of individual pots.

  4. I love the snowflakes. I need to get around to tatting some too!

  5. Thanks ladies! I'm also going to begin crocheting some snowflakes for the Xmas tree. Even though it's the middle of summer, I always get the urge to start crafting holiday projects.

    Zarina, I definitely need to repot my cactus too. A few of them are cracking the pots they're so overgrown! But like TattingChic said, they do look like a little family so it's kind of hard to break them up. :)

  6. Oh, they are so beautiful! And I just love the varigated thread.

  7. The beads make such a difference, makes it sparkle.