Friday, August 8, 2008


Happy August everyone! I've been catching up on everyone's blogs and the bunches of new ones that seem to have popped up. As I was clicking away reading them all, I glanced at the clock and realized two hours ahd gone by. I love it! So many new tatters and established tatters sharing their thoughts. Excellent.

As for me, I haven't done much lately. My Iris doily, Milena, hit a snag when my mind began to wander and I missed a ring and made a join in the wrong place. **cries** There's no way I'm going to cut it out and waste my precious HDT, so I laid it aside for the time being. Instead of tatting, I've been cross stitching. I'll add a pic to this post later. I've been feeling a bit Halloween-y. It's a Halloween themed cat from Birds Of A Feather. Sadly, BOAF no longer is no longer in the cross stitch business. I really love their patterns and hand dyed linens. See? More hand-dyed stuff! Maybe I'm an addict after all.

Back to tatting, today I made my first purchase from Tat's All. I ordered some of that lovely Accent rayon thread I read about on Jeff's blog. It will make some gorgeous snowflakes. I also found Pam Palmer's peacock pattern on eBay and am currently (impatiently) waiting for the mailman to deliver it. Can't wait to do that one. I think I will frame it and give it to my mom for Christmas. I also finally learned how to make a split chain and single shuttle split ring. Now that is a HUGE accomplishment for me. They've been the bane of my tatting existence. Now I feel like I moved to another level. Yay me!

Well, that's all for now. I'm going to meet a friend for lunch, then we'll spend about three hours in the bookstore. It's not like I don't have a teetering stack of new unread books already. What's a few more, right? This is definitely one of my favorite ways to spend the day. It might be kind of dangerous considering I have a zero balance on my Visa right now! Oh no! Just kidding, I'll be good. Maybe.


  1. Yup, you sound like a HDT addict. I do the same thing when working with it. I will do whatever I can to avoid wasting it. I hope you like the Accent thread. It is really nice to work with. It even tolerates some retro tatting. Make sure you post pictures of the snowflakes when you have them made. Congrats on leaning the split chain and single shuttle split ring. I haven't tried the SSSR yet, but I will soon.

  2. Thanks, Jeff. In the past when I've talked to people about using rayon thread, they've always told me that it's too stretchy and tends to break or tangle. Once I saw your piece and what you had to say, I just knew I had to try some. The price of a $1 a bobbin can't be beat either!