Sunday, August 10, 2008

A couple pictures...

A dragonfly and a little doodle...
This dragonfly is Riet's pattern from Georgia's online tatting class. The SSSR technique I was finally able to wrap my brain around was the Fast and Easy Split Chain found of Jane Eborall's page. Tatman's page has a great photo pictorial, too. I know it says split chain, but Georgia's lesson states the ring is done the same way and it worked! So I guess I did it right! Like a lot of other folks, the fever to learn the SSSR came from seeing AnneB's dragon on eTatters. She used a different way of doing the SSSR. From the looks of it, both halves of the ring are completed before moving on to the next one, unlike Riet's. I'll have to work on that. I may be misinterpreting it. The dragonfly is tatted in a discontinued Flora color(no. 83) in size 10.

The little (quarter sized) doodle is and experiment with polyester thread, Signature size 30 in the color Mallard. I found it in a discount bin at Joann Etc. Very hard to work with! The rings were so hard to close even after adjusting my tension. The color is pretty though, it's not quite as dark as the scan shows.

A little bit of cross stitch, too! As I said in my previous post, I made a big OOPS! with my HDT so I went in another direction for a while. Here is one of the Halloween projects I'm working on.

There is a second one called 'Beware of Cat' that I finished to go with this, but it's in my craft tote that I left in my truck. I'm feeling too lazy to walk the whole 25 feet to go get it. Birds Of A Feather patterns are something of an acquired taste because some of them are a bit on the macabre side or (as some people say) grotesque, but I love them. I'm so bummed they no longer design cross stitch charts.


  1. Good for you for learning a new technique! But you can use regular split rings for the dragon and since you use 2 shuttles anyway as you go on, I'm not sure why you would use SSSR anyway. Pure polyester thread is hard to work with. I found that out too a few years ago when I bought a beautiful variegated thread for sewing. It was like the thread had tacky glue holding it in place. LOL!
    :-) Gina

  2. I love your little doodle and the dragon fly... that SSSR is kinda fun to do!

  3. Ya know, Gina, that is exactly what it was like. I kept thinking my hands must be getting grubby and I'd go wash my hands then I realized it was the thread. I'm not sure if I'll work with that stuff anymore. If I do, it'll be something very very small.

    Diane, I laughed out loud the other when I read your blog and saw that you learned to do split rings and SSSRs on the same day I learned. Great minds think alike.