Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Adonis and Lorella

I've been catching up on everyone's blogs and see that Tatskool has done yet another Cornelia! Seeing that made me get the fever to do one, too. Only I ended up making Lorella instead of Cornelia. For the hundredth time, I have to say that I love Iris' patterns. Lorella was tatted with DMC size 80 thread in variegated reds, some people call it Poppy Red. Nice and vibrant, I love it. Of course, it would be one of the colors that have been discontinued. It measures just under five inches (about 12.7 cm). The next one I'm going to do will be another Milena. You may remember I showed a picture of a half completed one a while back. I gifted it to a friend who fell in love with it and forgot to take a finished picture! D'oh!

The butterfly flitting about is one of Sherry's awesome patterns. He is called Adonis and was tatted in Flora 20 in dark purple and lime green, which are two of my favorite color combos. Why? I have no idea. Speaking of our Lady Shuttlemaker, I really really really wish she'd grace us all with another book soon! *hint hint* I can't wait to try my hand at her 'Royal Diadem'.

My hands haven't been bothering me at all lately. I thought for sure they would after making Lorella, but not a flinch!

Back to school I go on the 29th after having the whole summer off. Advanced Database Management and Marketing Principles 101 this semester. The marketing class makes me nervous for some reason. Maybe I'll see if there are any openings left for the online class.


  1. Both pieces are absolutely gorgeous! I'm hoping to have enough brain power to get back to Eleonora soon... I just need to concentrate! Iris's patterns are unbelievably beautiful!

  2. In response to your comment on my blog about the neopolitan thread, I got my thread from SewThankful
    It's color #944
    But you can also google Superior King Tut thread and find other suppliers too.
    :-) Gina

  3. I love your post title it sounds like the title of a romantic mythology story! LOL! Your tatted doily is beautiful! What a lovely pattern. What a cute butterfly, too.

  4. Diane, I love Eleonora. I'm going to do another one soon!

    Thanks for the info, Gina. I love Sew Thankful.

    TattingChic, you are so right. My title does read like a myth and I didn't even see it. LOL! And I've always had a passion for the Greek myths, too.

    Thanks for the kind comments ladies.

  5. Lorella looks gorgeous, love the reds. Now you have wetted my appetite for another doiley!!

  6. LOL Steph....I got the hint (wink wink)
    Your adonis and lorella are both stunning. GREAT work!