Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! I haven't been doing too much lately other than lurking... and buying. I've gotten bunches of HDT in the past couple weeks and books. I'm pretty sure I have enough stuff to last until I'm 174 years old, but I still don't have anything to work with. Go figure.

A little pumpkin that I think looks like a peach, tatted in Sherry's 'Autumn Medley' size 20.

Three Hearts: Jon's Heart tatted in Sherry's 'Marina' HDT size 80, Old Fashioned Heart tatted in Flora size 50, and Cloverdrop Heart tatted in 'Berry Burst'HDT size 20. I ran out of the 'Berry Burst' with two rings to go, so I used purple Flora and it was a darn near match!

Lastly, I tatted this for a friend: the Collosians Cross from Tatmom's page. Tatted in DMC color 111, size 80.


  1. Hi Steph,
    Your pumpkin looks very cute tatted up in Sherry's autumn HDT. I didn't get it in time for my pumpkin blog post so I had to go buy some cheap Aunt Lydia's size 10...ick...tat's up tatting with straw. How fabulous it would've been to have had Sherry's lovely HDT. Your hearts and cross bookmark are all lovely.
    Have a fun and safe weekend!
    ~TattingChic :)

  2. Thanks TattingChic. I, too, tried to tat with Aunt Lydia's before, because the color was so pretty. Ugh, big mistake. Like you said, it was like straw and I prefer thinner thread, size 40 or smaller.

  3. Oooh I love everything in this post! The colors and patterns are all scrumptious.....I guess I better go eat some breakfast...

  4. The tatted pumpkin looks cute and the 3 hearts are awesome. Very well done.

  5. I love the pumpkins, hearts and the cross. You are a busy lady!

  6. Oooh! that was cool finding the Flora matches the Berry Burst, must go look at that, opens up a lot of options.
    They are all so pretty.