Sunday, November 2, 2008

My first Spinning Wheel

I can definitely see why LaceLovin'Librarian Diane loves to tat these so much. On this rainy Sunday, I decided to do one too! It took me less than two hours, probably closer to 90 minutes. This is tatted with Summer Trail HDT in size 40.


  1. LOL! My latest one is in Summer Trail also! You tat fast! It takes me about 9 hours to make one of these... if I don't make any mistakes!

  2. This is great Steph! It's funny you and Diane are on the same thread. You are fast. It took me 36 minutes per arm on the size 80.

  3. Diane brainwashed me, Tattycat! I just know it. I figure it only took me around 90 minutes to do because a two-hour program about Alaska was on the History Channel yesterday and I watched it and tatted at the same time. When the show was over, the Spinning Wheel was done. My brain is out of whack from the Daylight Savings Time switchback, too!