Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Baby afghan start!

I struck paydirt while searching for yarn for the afghan! There were a bunch of skeins of baby yarn from Mary Maxim at the very bottom of one of the bottomless tubs. If anyone is familiar with Mary Maxim through their catalogues or website, I have to tell you that it is a poor representation of just how much stuff the store has. You'll be lost in there for hours if you ever make the trip up there.

And here is a sneak peek of what I've gotten done so far:

I should be done by this weekend or the beginning of next week. Then I'll unveil it for the world to see!


  1. I have quite a stash of Mary Maxim yarn too... surprise, surprise! I just can't help myself! Can't wait to see the blanket!

  2. The blanket looks adorable so far! I can't wait to see it completed!