Saturday, April 4, 2009

Mail call!

Look what came in the mail today! Martha's FANTASTIC Tea Is For Tatting!! Then there's some thread from Sherry -- Witches Brew, Tutti Frutti, and Spring Poppies, and yesterday Pam's Rainbow Bright and Coral Reef showed up all the way from Ireland. As you can see, I was just starting to unwind Pam's threads when the mailman came to the door.

What to tat first? Martha's teapots are one of those books that I will end up doing every single pattern from. And the patterns are done in size 80, which is my favorite thread to work with. I absolutely love it! Decisions, decisions....


  1. That was FAST! Did you order it early???

  2. More like superfast! I ordered it the same morning Martha announced its release. There are some really cute things in here. I know what I'm going to do first, now I have to decide on a thread!

  3. Wow, you must be the first person to get the book.....hope mine is winging it's way across the pond.
    What lovely decisions you have to make, wonder what you will choose first.

  4. Hi Steph! I linked to your post here on my blog. I just got my book, too and was showing everyone all the tatting peeps who have gotten this book!

    Oh, don't forget to come and get your award on my previous post, if you'd like. :)