Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Life and such

Well, it's now the third week of being unemployed. I'm actually enjoying myself. Maybe too much! I've been making a dent into my stack of unread books and making a new list of books to be read at the same time. Looks like that stack will never get any smaller at that rate. My local library is my new best friend.

The closet that has been in desperate need of organizing is now organized, but for how long is anyone's guess. We're talking about the crafts closet. Need I say more?

During my hair pin lace fever I received a friendly email from tatter Hope Green complimenting my on my HPL. She said I made a wonderful start to her day. Well, her email was definitely a highlight of my day, too! Thank you, Hope, for your nice words. It's always a pleasant surprise when a fellow tatter/blogger writes to me.

Browsing the blogs, I came across a post about buttons and beads on Tat's Heaven's blog. So pretty were those hearts that I was consumed with the desire to do one for myself. Of course, it didn't quite turn out that way because I found a pattern for the most gorgeous beaded heart that I ended up doing that one instead. Working with beads and buttons makes me want to do more, so I'll be matching up some more thread and patterns tomorrow.

I used Flora 50 in dark red with 11/0 purple seed beads and 1/2" purple buttons. The heart and beads are actually a nice royal looking red and purple, but as usual, my scanner likes to make everything lighter.

I really need to get working on the 25 Motif Challenge again, but you know me -- easily distracted!


  1. Love your heart Steph. What a neat tatting pattern huh? So what is next on your tatting adventure in Tattingland?

  2. This is absolutely beautiful, Steph! Where did you find this pattern? It's the most heart-shaped heart I've ever seen! It's gorgeous! :)

  3. The heart is beautiful! I also love the way your page looks. Except for lacking income, staying home would be fine with me. I hope you enjoy your time off, but I also hope you are able to find employment in a reasonable time

  4. I like the new background! The heart is well done and my, you are getting a lot done!

    btw, zigzag corner tat day is in Nov. this year & Georgia Seitz will be teaching.

  5. Thanks, ladies!

    Sherry, I'm not sure yet, but I'll find something -- probably involving beads or pearl tatting!

    TattingChic, if you scroll over the words 'gorgeous beaded heart' it will take you to the website. You're right, it is the most heart shaped heart I've ever seen, too.

    Diane, thanks for your concern. I think something will come my way before too long. Not before I get to enjoy my 'vacation' for a bit longer, though.

    Gina, my new page comes from yours! I checked out the site hosting your background and fell in love with pretty much everything there. Now I just have to come up with a creative header.

    ZigZag's day is in November? I could have sworn I remember it being in the summer last year. I definitely can work something out around school by then.

  6. Hi Steph, Lovely heart! The colors look great with these buttons. I think this is the nicest shaped heart I have seen.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and your kind words on my tatted patchwork elephant.

    Have a great day!

  7. Very elegant heart - looks meticulously perfect!
    Very nice how you've decorated your blog edges, too.

  8. I beautiful heart Steph, I'm pleased I've inspired you to work with buttons! (Tat's Heaven)

  9. Beautiful heart! I have never tatted with buttons, but seeing the heart makes me want to try. I am too intimidated to try and find little buttons that would go with size 80 thread...

  10. Beautiful Heart, Steph. I really like adding beads to tatting and I wish I could figure out how to add some buttons from my vast collection.

    Sorry to learn of your job woes, but sounds like your doing alot of good with your time. I'm looking forward to seeing what else you come up with during this time off.