Sunday, May 17, 2009

More fun with hairpin lace

Yesterday endeup up being rainy and windy so instead of yard sale-ing, I practiced making hairpin lace. Instead of using a 'staple', an adjustable loom was used. That turned out to help a lot. The adjustable loom is lighter and the flat bottom makes it easier for me to handle. I could hold it against my body while making the loops, which gave the stability I needed to improve my tension. Here are the fruits of my labors:

Both patterns came from the archives of Georgia Seitz's Online Tatting Class. The little doily was designed by Saundra Hameed and done in size 10 Cebelia. Yes, I missed a loop, but you all don't see that. The little bitty angel is from Martha Ess. She was also made with Cebelia, size 30 this time.

Searching the internet for more hairpin lace information led me to This site has some gorgeous needlework patterns in the latest fashions. There are some excellent hairpin lace tutorials on the site. They show start-to-finish how to put together a loom, making the strips, and how to join them. I found it to be strange that I could only find said tutorials using Google with the keywords "hairpin", "lace", and "tutorial". I didn't find a link anywhere on the site itself. Strange, but then again, maybe I needed to register to see them.

Today I will finish the not-so-pretty 1970s colored teapot set and take it to its new home. I'm leery to see the 2009 version of a 1970s kitchen it will be residing in. Brown, gold, avocado green, and burnt orange. Some things do not need to resurrected for nostalgia's sake! I'm already having flashbacks to being seven years old again.


  1. I was a young wife and mother and I hated the harvest gold, avocado green and browns that dominated the decor themes back then. I usually went with the browns because I could be more creative with that but I had my share of gold couches and coppertone appliances. Funny how I'm now back to white appliances!

    You're doing great with the hairpin lace and I'm glad to see it is Martha's angel! I wrote her name first and then I thought, no - I think it is Lenore's. LOL! What a wonderful thing to have so many tatting memories that I can't keep them straight anymore!

  2. Your angel is absolutely adorable!!! So pretty! What a beautiful combination of the hairpin and tatting! The doily is pretty, too! Sure love the color!

  3. Your hairpin lace and tatting look great! I don't know much about hairpin lace, didn't know it would work so well with tatting. Great job!

  4. Love it do you have a store to sell yourself if not you should!!

  5. Hello and thank you, Sandy! You are too kind. No store for me. If I did that, then tatting and crochet would become work and I wouldn't enjoy it as much anymore.