Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A bit o' this and that!

First off, if you haven't entered this GIVE AWAY: do it now! I rarely ever enter these things, but I had to do this one!

The end of June already! Time really does fly when you're having fun. Even though I haven't posted anything lately, I am trying to keep up with everyone's doings in blogland. Easier said than done. Lots of good things going on around here, I'll tell ya!

As for me,I've been trying to finish up some UFOs and destash, at which I am failing spectacularly. My Ben Fikkert doily is next on the list -- again. A huge mistake which meant cutting out an entire row made me put it down in disgust. Now that I have more thread, it's time to tackle it once more.

For all the UK people, here is one especially for you. You all inspire me so much. From Lindsay Rogers' Tatting For Special Occasions -- Mats, the Rose and Thistle Doily.

The full picture:

For those who don't understand the symbolism, the yellow center represents the Welsh Daffodil, the English are the Roses in the second row, and the Irish Clover and Scottish Thistle are on the outer row. This one was a doozy to make, I redid the outer row twice and still want to do it again!

On the crochet front, it's been mini tote bags for kids. The back side is left blank so they can customize them in whatever way grabs their fancy. These were done for a friend teaching at a summer camp up north:


  1. LOvely work on that beautiful doily!

  2. LOVE the Rose and Thistle doiley, so unusual, you made it so well.

  3. Absolutely FANTASTIC Stephers!!! I am super duper impressed! Really I don't have words...it's breathtaking!

  4. As a UK person I think your doily is fabulous, the symbolism I can really relate to. thanks

  5. Beautiful doily! It's wonderful. Thanks for explaining the symbolism, I would never have thought of it.

  6. Beautiful doily. The frayed picots look like they would be fun to make!

  7. Thank you, everyone. I'm glad you all like it.

    Mica, I thought the same thing, too, that is until I started fraying them. By the third one, I couldn't wait to finish! There's gotta be an easier way.

  8. The Rose and Thistle is just outstanding! It is such a lovely idea! I will have to find that book! Bev