Thursday, August 27, 2009

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know Halloween is two months away, but...

I don't claim to be good at cross stitch, but that doesn't stop me from going on a binge a couple times a year. Primitive and Quaker styles are the ones that give me the irresistible urge to grab a Q Snap frame, fabric, needle, and flosses. After two years in the stash box, I finally got around to this one and there are two more ready to go -- one from La-D-Da and the other from The Primitive Needle. It's off to the frame shop in the morning!

"When I am dead and buried and all my bones are rotten
when this you see remember me lest I should be forgotten."

"Remember Me" by Birds Of A Feather
32 ct. Meadowlark linen
Weeks Dye Works flosses

Notice the red lettering in the rhyme spells out B-O-O. I think that is so cute and yes, I am easily amused.

Grr....this is what I get for not being careful. Condensation from the bottom of my glass dripped and caused the red to run into the fabric. I'm just going to tell everyone it's supposed to look that way. Yeah, that's the ticket...


  1. I don't get into Halloween, but I used to do a ton of cross stitch! I'm with you... the red is supposed to be that way!

  2. As a GIANT Halloween fan.. let me say..I LOVE IT! Great job!!