Friday, September 11, 2009

Gerbera doily revisited

A few of you may remember what I called the Gerbera Daisy doily?  Well, Jane from South Africa did one, too, and was kind enough to email me to show me her version.  I really like the colors she used.  On the center, she ran out of light green thread so she dyed some light blue thread green to finish the project.  I think it turned out fabulous!  The blue-green on the final round really works well with the flowers.  Thanks for thinking of me, Jane!

I'm thinking I may want to do this one again, but I can't seem to find my copy of the pattern.  If anyone out saved it, can you send it to me?  I would be eternally grateful.


  1. Very pretty. I can't remember yours.
    Can you post another picture of it?

  2. Hi Laura! Just click on the words 'Gerbera daisy doily' and it will take you to the original post with pictures.

  3. Steph - I have a hard copy of the diagram and I'll email it to you tomorrow (I actually know where mine is believe it or not!!). I tried the link that you posted on your blog on 3/31 but the site doesn't work anymore - BUMMER!

  4. Christine, hi! My plea for the pattern was heard and now already have it. Thanks for offering, though. Unfortunately, Yahoo killed the Geocities website and now who knows how many patterns are lost to us.