Saturday, September 12, 2009


Keeping going with the autumn theme, some luscious goodies courtesy of LadyShuttleMaker herself!  The paler skein is 'Autumn Medley' and the bottom is 'Cornucopia'.   Good leaf and gourd tatting colors, that is, if I can find a tatted gourd somewhere.  Designing is not my forte.

Krystle had the most excellent idea for what to do with my punkin jar.  Fill it with thread! Perfect answer if I do say so myself.I only have 451,004 balls of it.   It never occurred to me because, well, I can't exactly see the forest for the trees. Now I need to find more jars...

Tattycat asked me to post another picture of the Gerbera doily, so here it is!  You can also see it peeking out from under the pumpkin jar in the last photo:


  1. Hi Steph! What a great idea Krystle had with the thread in the jar!! Your Gerbera doily is fantastic, gorgeous!!! I love the colors you tatted this in!

  2. I thought tatting was a lost art!!! Your tatting work is just beautiful. When I was a teenager my grandmother was going to teach me how to tat, but then she became very ill and her arthritis was getting worse, so we never got around to it.
    Nice to see it isn't 'lost' after all!!

  3. Your new Autmnal threads from Lady ShuttleMaker are very pretty! I love what your did with the pumpkin jar. I filled my glass apothecary jar with tatting thread at Easter time, LOL! Great minds think alike, aye?

    Have fun with your threads and stuff. The Gerbera Daisy doily is just as "perty" as every! I'm glad to see it again. I can see why TattyCat asked you to show it again. :)

    ~TattingChic ♥

  4. Hello ladies!

    Thanks, Carol. I am ready to make another one!

    KrazyKraftLady, thanks for taking the time to visit my blog! I'm loving your items,especially the sunflower garland. Tatting is definitely not lost. It's actually seeing a resurgence in popularity.

    TattingChic, I had a pair of apothecary jars. One was tall and the was round and squat. They were so thin, that they broke in no time. I bought them at JoAnn's and am just glad I had a 50% off coupon.

  5. What a pretty way to show off your threads! Makes me want to go out and buy colored threads.

  6. Love the colours you have used. This is such a pretty pattern. Fox : )