Sunday, November 29, 2009

More snowflakes!

First up, the one no one wants to do because of all the bare thread spaces!  The First Day of  December  from Lene Bjorn's 24 Snowflakes in Tatting. I don't think I did too badly.  I used DMC size 80 in color 3756, a very, very pale blue.  Looking at it again, I see I split the threads on some of the picots when I was blocking it.  Oops!
 Click pic for larger view

Next is Snowflake 17 from Joann Stearns'  Christmas Ornament Collection.  I used a vintage J&P Coats, size 70 thread.  Can't ever get enough of pansy colored thread.

The big one in the center is another from the Stearns book, number 19.  Size 20 Lizbeth in Sherbet Delight.  I don't really like how this one came out.  The color is pretty, but size 20 thread looks too heavy for a dainty snowflake, so I am going to be sticking to the finer sizes from here on out.

Fourth is Teri Dusenbury's Loop-de-Loop Snowflake.  This one was tatted using Lady Shuttlemaker's Seaweed HDT in size 80.  You can find the pattern in Teri's e-Snips account.  Looking at the scan, I see a bunch of mistakes with this one, but it was a lot of fun to tat so I'll do it again and make sure it's perfect.

And last, but certainly not least, is 'Kind Hearts and Coronets' from Karey Solomon's Tatting For The Tree.  This was a tricky one.  I had to open rings and retrotat this one three times, but it was worth it.  I tatted this one with Yarnplayer's 'Brilliant Sunset' in size 80.  What a rich colorway.  It was the perfect choice for this one, I do believe. 

Earlier today I made a trip to Michaels to see what was left on the shelves.  Big mistake!  Everyone was still acting like a bunch of maniacs snatching and pushing merchandise, just generally being rude and classless.  So I cut the trip short and left with a couple packages of glass ornaments.  I found some iridescent onion shaped ones instead of  the usual round ones.  If anyone has any bell shaped ones they'd like to get rid of, I'll gladly take them off your hands.  Looks like I'm going to try to tat some ornament covers next weekend.  Wish me luck.


  1. BEAUTIFUL snowflakes! I love how you are making them in all the colors of the rainbow! Are they destined for your tree?

    :) Ann

  2. hey your snowflakes are pretty! love the colours u chose.

  3. Thanks, ladies! Yes, they are destined to go on the tree this year. Now I just have to go down to the basement and dig the thing out.

  4. Your snowflakes are so nice. I like the colors, too. I sent you a private email about the glass bells my friend has available. Karen

  5. They are all brill, I like the last 2 the best, gorgeous colors.

  6. Yes, your snowflakes are SOOOOOO beautiful.

  7. Hi Steph!! Such lovely colors on your snowflakes. I really like the top left in the purple/yellow. I've never seen a snowflake shaped like this one.

  8. Love the snowflakes! Ah-ha! I see it there in the corner - the little purple one! It looks wonderful in that colour! Nice work!
    Fox : )