Sunday, December 20, 2009

Yet another snowflake and a wee tree

Tatskool's challenge to work through Lene Bjørn's 24 Snowflakes in Tatting has been fun to watch.  I love that book, but my attention span isn't long enough to attempt such a challenge.  After seeing her interpretation of the Ninth Day of December, I decided to do one too! 

Not too shabby.  I was going to do the other block tatted flake, Eighth Day of December, but I couldn't figure it out.  Maybe some other time.  If you look closely, you'll see one of the points are discolored.  The condensation from the bottom of my drinking glass dripped on the thread causing it to run. It's size 40 Lizbeth, color 631.  Isn't that the strangest thing?  Has that happened to you?

I haven't tatted any trees this year, so it was high time I did one!  This is Monica Hahn's Oriental Christmas tree.  I used a dark green Flora 20 that was hidden in my stash. To liven it up a bit, I added a bunch of seed beads to mimic tree lights.  It's a cutie, I must say.  Too bad I forgot to give it a trunk....


  1. I did the same thing when I made that tree - added beads to look like lights! That's a shame your thread color ran. It shouldn't do that. I sometimes wonder if they have mixed the old unacceptable thread with the newer thread. I'd complain...might be that dye lot wasn't cured correctly. and your tatting of that snowflake is impeccable, btw!

  2. Oh your little tree is so cute! You should try the 8th day in the snowflake book. It's a lovely design - one of my favorites.

  3. That little tree is ADORABLE! Love the beads sprinkled throughout. Your snowflake is beautiful!

    Thanks for mentioning the dye running. I probably would have chalked the slight variation in color up to scanning or something. I'm glad to have the heads up because I hope to use more tatting on clothing items and that would be a disaster if it ran! Guess I'll always have to check it for colorfastness before using it.
    :) Ann

  4. Happy Sunday, ladies.

    Gina, I think you're right about there possibly being some old stock mixed in with the new. I am going to email Handy Hands in the morning. Some of the size 40 I've gotten is extremely twisty, to the point of knotting up.

  5. Your snowflake is beautifully tatted, maybe i will do it again sometime! the tree looks gorgeous, great idea, have put it in my to do folder.
    Colour running sounds awful, it should be better than that.

  6. Love that little tree. I will tat that for next year! The beads are perfect.

    Happy 2010!
    Fox : )