Tuesday, January 19, 2010

In Memoriam, Mary Konior


  1. A beautiful tribute, where do I find the pattern?

  2. Very pretty Steph!! What thread is this? I don't recognize the color?

  3. How could I forget....this is one of my favorite hearts...

  4. Queen of Hearts done in this thread is positively mouthwatering...it reminds me of Sweet-Tart hearts. (But I could be jonesin' for candy.) :-)

    This heart is really, really lovely. What thread did you use? What size was it? And how big was the motif once finished?

    Sorry for the deluge of questions. I just loaded shuttles to tat this one and was curious about the size, etc.

  5. Thanks, everyone.

    I didn't add any info to the post because I wanted to leave a simple tribute to a great lady. That, and it didn't occur to me that anyone would even ask!

    So to answer y'all's questions:
    The heart is Mary Konior's 'Queen of Hearts' from Tatting With Visual Patterns. I used Olympus 40 thread in Creamy Pastels purchased from Handy Hands and it measures 2-7/8" at its widest point.

    No need to apologize Isdihara. I love when people ask questions.

  6. Beautiful job on a beautiful heart! A very nice tribute to Mary.

  7. That's a BEAUTIFUL heart, Steph! She designed such lovely patterns...
    :) Ann

  8. This is a lovely remembrance of Mary.

    Ironically, I had her 'Visual Pataterns' book near my laptop in the living room for the past several days, even before I learned of her passing, and I usually don't keep my books out here. When you posted this beautiful heart, I was amazed that it was in this particular book, as I didn't remember seeing it. Thanks so much for drawing it to my attention! I'll definitely be tatting it.