Saturday, January 2, 2010

Paranormal Tatting

I needed something to pass the time because I was too afraid to go to sleep last night.   You see I like to watch movies all by myself at nighttime.  More often than not, it's usually  something a bit on the creepy side.  The outright gory ones like Hostel and Saw(which is one of the dumbest franchises ever) I tend to avoid.  Now films that kind of nestle themselves in the back of your mind and make you wonder 'what really is that little scratching sound I hear?' and 'Are those footsteps?' when you are all alone are my type of movie!

So with that in mind, I popped in 'Paranormal Activity'.  Oooooo, big mistake, big BIG mistake.  If you've never heard of this film, a quick synopsis:  a couple has been experiencing what could be paranormal activity in their home and decide to film the daily goings on to see if there really is something haunting them.   Absolutely terrifying movie. No gore, just frightening.  I can not remember the last time I was that scared after watching a movie.  For all the fear and lost sleep, it's definitely one of the best movies I've seen this past year.

Now that the damage was done, there was no way I could go to sleep. So I randomly pulled a book out of the stack, a ball of thread and tatted this little heart from Karey Solomon's Tatting From The Heart using Yarnplayer's 'Pansy' HDT in size 50:

Oooh, a sharp and  pretty photo for once.  My new camera rocks!  As if it wasn't obvious, I did manage to fall asleep and survive the rest of the night to make this post today.  Heh, I am just not right in the head sometimes...


  1. That's beautiful, love the colours. I hate really scary movies, stay away from them even.

  2. I know what you mean about scary movies. I avoid them at all cost. My 14yr son watched Paranormal State movie the other night at a party and he didn't sleep that night at all too. I think if my hubby and I had a king size bed there might have been a third person in bed with us that night.

    But at least you have a beautiful heart to show for a sleepless night.

    And don't forget that a tatted heart a year is the membership fee for the Fridge Tatters group!!!

  3. Dave loves horror movies, probably because they scare me half to death! I'd have been up all night if I had watched that one! Beautiful heart!

  4. Beautiful Tatting and I am so like you I dont like the scary movies. One time David made me watch the Grudge with him and probably for a week I made him go into the bathroom with me at night ROFLOL he loves Saw I watched a bit of the first one and that was it NO MORE!! I get spooked easily especially after a scary movie so you arent the only one ;) But see something beautiful came of it :0) wear headphones to bed with some soothing music it could help.
    Happy New Year

  5. Ha! Diane, the hubby loves horror movies, you say? Tell your husband to check out 'Paranormal Activity' then and let me know what he thinks of it.

    Heather, that's funny. I do like scary movies, just not the gory ones. They're not even scary to me, just gross and in the case of Saw 1-999, stupid. I can't do headphones either, they freak me out even more because then I won't hear the things I need to hear. I know, I'm strange.

  6. Yikes! That doesn't sound like the kind of movie I'll be seeing any time soon...or EVER for that matter! LOL! Those kind of movies are not for me! Your tatted heart is lovely. I can't really see it for some reason the crocheted doily underneath it makes it hard to make out the lines of the crochet and tatting being blurred by the long shadows of what looks like the late afternoon sun. When I click on the photo to enlarge it I can see a lovely tatted heart! It is very clear and sharp even when enlarged! Looks like you are enjoying your new camera! How fun! Hope you're able to get some sleep tonight! :)

  7. I like movies like that, as long as I am not in the house by myself that night:) Lovely heart, lovely color and a beautiful photo!

  8. The heart is just LOVELY and I like your picture very much! The shadows falling on either side of the heart seem very foreboding and quite in keeping with your night of fearful tatting.

    Myself, I love a good ghost story, but only in the afternoon. The TRAILERS of movies like you enjoy are enough to keep the lights on at my house! I'm more of a Hitchcock thriller type.

    :) Ann

  9. If scary movies can produce such pretty tatting, you might have to watch more of them! Love the thread as well....

    Me, I LOVE those flicks.. the scarier the better!

    Fox : )

  10. I love your heart Steph. I will have to see if I have this book by Karey. I don't even know. How bad is that? BTW....My heart can't take the "Adrenalin Rush" anymore so I stay away from scary movies.