Friday, February 19, 2010

Well, hello there

I'm still here!  I've been laying low for a few weeks due to another elbow injury.  In my normal oblivious-to-my-surroundings state (i.e., not paying attention), I smacked my right elbow on a steel beam bruising it inside and out.  For the first two weeks, there were issues with my middle and ring fingers going tingling and going numb.  No permanent damage, though.  As the injury faded, so did the numbness and tingling.  I was seriously considering what life was going to be like without shuttles and crochet hooks. This is the same elbow that has been problematic.  Nothing like making it worse!

Having been completely pain free for a week now, today was my first time back on the shuttles.  Lady Shuttlemaker's new book promptly arrived on my doorstep this past Tuesday, and I've been dying to get at it!  Not being able to make up my mind, I just opened the book and whatever page it fell to is the butterfly I did. 


Meet Lilly.  This teeny tiny flutterby is done with Yarnplayer's oh-so-fabulous 'Vibrato' in size 80.  Yes, I deliberately started at the same point in the thread so the colors would play out the same on both sides.  It took me a few minutes to get my groove back after not tatting for weeks and weeks so this is not my best work, but she did turn out pretty cute. 

Now that the rust is knocked off, it's time to get back to work on some UFOs, such as Jane's TIAS.  Sorry, Jane!


  1. Gorgeous,well worth the effort, good to have you back.

  2. What a CHARMER! That is a sweet pattern and I love the way you did the thread! It's kind of like fussy cutting fabric. I had never thought of fussy cutting thread!
    :) Ann

  3. Golly! Hope you continue to recover and are feeling 100% very soon. The butterfly is exquisite, and if you can tat so beautifully with tiny size 80, your fingers must be okay!

  4. Hi Steph, I'm sorry to read that you injured your elbow. Oh, I'm sure that hurt!! Glad to hear your elbow is feeling better though.

    Lily is such a cutie!! That is a really great butterfly pattern!!

    Have a great weekend!!

  5. The flutterby turned out lovely! It looks great in that colorway, too. Glad to see you back. I was beginning to wonder.

  6. Ouch! That sounds painful and worrisome. I've often bumped my elbow on a wall or something and had a few choice words, but the discomfort only lasted a few minutes.

    If you had any problems with this cute 'flutterby', it sure doesn't show! Very neat stitches and nicely done! And thanks for mentioning that you started at the same point in the thread to get the colors to work out. I'd still be trying to figure out how you did that!
    I've done that when knitting with self-striping yarn for socks.

  7. oh. my. goodness. i think this is the prettiest little butterfly i've ever seen! you did a wonderful job on it... thanks for sharing the link to the pattern book -- i'm going to go check it out! very, very pretty. guess it's time i learn to make a split ring, huh? (it looks like i'll need a few.) this might be a good incentive! (o: