Thursday, April 1, 2010

It's OUR day!

Happy International Tatting Day everyone!  I'm sure you are all indulging yourselves in your favorite activity(tatting) and snacking on your favorite treat(chocolate).  At this very moment, I am eating a very large bowl of chocolate ice cream and trying to write this at the same time.  It's nearly 80 degrees and sunny today.  YAY!  Spring is really here.  The gorgeous weather is making me feel flowery, so let me show what I started in honor of the fine weather we're having...

This is Jon Yusoff's Rosette Doily.  I'm making it a bit larger to fit a large round end table.  The thread is Olympus 40 in lime green and shaded lavender.  So nice and springy.  My fickle self was going to start a Myrtle Hamilton doily, but I am easily swayed so Myrtle will have to wait for another time. 

Enjoy the day and I hope you're having as beautiful weather as we are here in Michigan!   


  1. Happy Tat Day Steph, your doiley will be a wondrous thing!

  2. Happy Tatting Day to you too, Steph. Thank you for picking the Rosette Doily to tat.

  3. Love the doily and the colours are really springy so to speak. And I hope you had a great Tatt Day

  4. Happy Tatting Day!
    That is a GORGEOUS doiley! Beautiful pattern and I love the colors you are tatting it in!
    :) Ann

  5. I tried to do a post for Tat Day, but didn't have time. I DID enjoy the beautiful weather we're having in Western PA. My SIL and I went for a nice walk and I talked a lot about tatting, so I think that counts! Not sure she'll want to walk with me again, though! (LOL) She does wonderful cross-stitch!

    This doily is very pretty, and I'm always impressed at how many tatters tackle these 'motif' doilies, as so much attention has to be paid to joins! You're doing a great job so far!

    I also MUST chime in on your gorgeous butterfly! I am trying to figure out how the black mignonette (spelling?) tatting gets in there. It reminds me of Irish crochet, where the 'ground' is worked in after the basic motifs are crocheted in a sort of 'free form' way. (Theory only, as I've never done it!) It seems as though the black thread DOES have a pattern to it, but it looks rather tricky and dificult to do. Congratulations on a magnificent piece of tatting!

    PS - Thanks for the tip about Tiger Balm!

  6. Thanks, everyone!

    Kathy, the mignonette is just a one shuttle of rings. Once a ring is made, reverse the work, leave a thread space and make the next ring. I have seen pieces where the mignonette is worked after as a filler, but on the butterfly it's worked as the next round.

    Jon, thank you for designing such a sweet mat!

  7. I was thinking about how when I first saw your blog and you were talking about not knowing any other tatters.....look at you go! Tatting teensy tiny thread into gorgeous pieces. I think your new doily is going to be another stunner!

  8. the rosette doily is tatting up very well!

    happy tatting, steph. have fun!

  9. It looks like you had a fine day tatting on Tatting Day, Steph! I look forward to seeing that finished! :)