Monday, April 19, 2010

My thread stash...(Warning: lots of pics!)

Crazy Mom wants to see our HDT stash, so I heed her call. I see that the pictures are a bit out of focus.  I keep forgetting that I don't need to hold this new camera so close to the object to get a halfway decent shot.    More than half is size 80, with some 20 through 50 thrown in.  I'm pretty sure there are a few missing.  The yarn daisies are wrapped with my favorite-est HDT of all, Pansy, created by Yarnplayer. You can also see my favorite pair of tweezers for opening rings.  The bent and angled tips let me grab the core thread without having to hold the tweezers tightly. 

Well, I can't stop there.  Here is some more of my thread stash:

A mix of Altin Basak and Oren Bayan Turkish threads.  A three-cord thread that is a bit soft to work with, but I love it.  Kind of hard to tell, but there's about 50 balls in that box. I do believe there's some Manuela 20 lurking in there, too.

DMC Perle Cotton in sizes 8 and 12.  Total crap, I hate it.  When I first learned to tat, it was with perle cotton, so not knowing any better I bought loads of it.  Now that I know better, it just takes up valuable space in craft closet.  The reason I don't like it is because perle cotton has a bumpy texture which obscures the appearance of the stitches.  I like my stitches to look crisp.

Finca perle cotton, sizes 8, 12, and 16.  Wait a minute, didn't I just say I hate perle cotton?  Not this one!  Finca has a gorgeous finish, even the larger sizes and it's shine is beautiful. Great for making baby bonnets and booties.

A mix of Flora sizes 20 and 50, DMC and Olympus threads.  Flora 20 is OK, but the 50 is superior.  Shame it's discontinued.  Olympus is like a piece of thread heaven and DMC is better for crochet than tatting.  I don't know what it's doing mixed in there.

 Lizbeth.  Do I really need to say anything else?  Another 40 or so balls in there.

Some, I say some, of my size 80 stash.  I'm pretty sure there's another box containing about 100 balls hidden around here somewhere.  The large purple container is mainly vintage threads, Lily, Star, J&P Coats, Coats & Clark.  There's a few oddballs in there such as Collingbourne's, Twilley's and some whose names escape me at the moment.  I would dig for them, but there's over 200 balls in there and it's 2 a.m. as I'm writing this, so maybe another time.  The smaller container is DMC and Majestic/Venus.  Soon to be joined by Lizbeth 80, no doubt.

I can look at these pictures and still say to myself, "I don't have any thread.  I should buy more."  Spoken like a true addict.

Lastly, the tools of the trade.  Shuttles, shuttles, and more shuttles.  The gold Clovers are in the upper right hand corner of the box are the only pick-less shuttles I will use.  I love the feel of them in my hand.  They have a silken feel to them that makes having to use a hook for every join worth the effort.  A few other tools like coilless safety pins, tweezers, needle minder,picot gauges, and a hook set on a chain.  I made the hook set myself.  Working in a factory has its advantages!

More about the coilless safety pins.  I've read on a few blogs that they've been hard to find.  Joann's has them. They can be found in the bead section of the store, by the jewelry findings. If I'm not mistaken, the large size are 50 to a pack, and the small are 100 to a pack. Hobby Lobby also has them, but I think they are in the sewing notions department.  If you're still having problems finding them, email me and I'll help you out!  :)


  1. Well, you certainly have me beat with balls of thread, but I think I have a little more HDT than you! ; )

  2. Wow, I thought I had a lot of threads, but you put me to shame. I totally understand how you can look at all that and still not feel that you have *just* the right thread for *that* pattern!

    Can't wait for the Lizbeth 80!

  3. I looked for them at JoAnn's the other day but did not find them. I should have asked someone - I just assumed they didn't carry them tho I would think if anyone did, it would be them.

  4. Your HDT stash looks stunning, great way to keep them, I have mine on spools so looking at top view it's hard to see what I have got.

    Great stash altogether. But you obviously need more!!

  5. Diane, I don't think anyone has as much HDT as you do!

    Miranda, that's exactly how it is!

    Gina, if you want I can send you a pack. Just email me.

    Tatskool, you're right, I do need more. I'll be shopping with you soon!

  6. H, Steph,

    I must have missed this one! I feel so much better about my now meager supply of thread!

    You have surpassed me by a couple of hundred balls. Wow! I too have been tatting for under two years, so I have felt a bit guilty about my growing stash. Well - NO MORE!!!

    I am cured! Thank you for this post! I can now venture forth deep into Tat-land to fill up a couple of plastic containers of my own!

    Freeeeedoooommmmm! I do need a few balls of purple.... green.... yellow.... blue and silver....

    Gotta go shop,
    Fox : ))