Friday, June 25, 2010

It's not a fish...

it's Martha's dolphin!


  1. Oh my!!! She looks great!! After I finish some of the hankies I`m doing I will have to try out some animals!

  2. Beautiful so dainty, looks like he/she is moving in the water.

  3. Completely adorable -- too sweet! Your stitches are so even: Wow!! I don't have the experience (and probably...the talent) to pull off something that cute...but you DO!!!

  4. I've been in awe of all your recent 'animals', designed by the amazing Martha Ess! She must be delighted at your perfect renditions of them. I have yet to try block tatting and can't imagine that I'd have the patience, as they seem very labor intensive!

    I'm also in awe of your entire blog. You have only been blogging for 2 years, and you have a TON of tatting on here, plus lots of interesting information.

    I'm wondering why you seem to be counting only the animal motifs for the 25 Motif Challenge?
    Your doilies are amazing and you've done so many other motifs. The poinsettia is outstanding.

    Your photostream is also mind-boggling. SO MANY wonderful things, crocheted and tatted. That baby set that you crocheted is gorgeous. I can't believe I didn't comment on it at the time! I guess the little recipient is now 2 years old!!

  5. Hi everyone! Thanks for all the nice comments on the critters.

  6. Kathy, I was afraid to try block tatting, too. One day I just went for it. Experience has shown me that a little extra care taken with the joins and how I turn at the end of a row makes all the difference. Get one of Martha's book! She has it all spelled out beautifully.

    As for the 25 Motif Challenge -- my challenge is animals. That's why I am only counting them. I'm actually quite tardy in finishing. It should have been done January 1 of this year!

    Thanks for liking my crochet stuff, too. I'm thinking of starting a blog just for crochet.

  7. I just love your dolphin she is so cute!

  8. Love all the animals you have test tatted. So looking forward to getting the book. I am afraid that i haven't had time to do much test tatting, just one and I still have to post that!
    You are my sister in the animal tat challenge, I think I may have to list them too, great idea.