Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Today at the beach

I saw...
 These little ladies kept waddling past my blanket looking for something to eat.   Then, as I was walking the shoreline.  Look waaaay out there...
  It's the resident swan couple.  How many cygnets are there this year?

 Four!  Last year, there was only one baby. 

 Here they come!

On the left is Big Daddy.  He is nearly four feet tall.  I wouldn't want to make him mad.  Last year, he went after someone who got too close to his baby.  This year's cygnets have feathers of pale gray.  They stayed on the beach preening and relaxing for nearly fifteen minutes before swimming off.  Usually they don't come ashore at all.  My guess is because there were no kids they felt it was safe. 

They were definitely the highlight of the day.  I took some tatting with me, but it never did make it out of the bag.  Too many other interesting things, I suppose.  Well, there is tomorrow. 

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