Sunday, April 10, 2011

Stash control and an apron!

Happy Sunday!  I didn't realize I had gone so long between posts.  Again.  Sorry about that.  I get so hung up reading what everyone has been doing that posting is forgotten because I get busy clicking all the links and adding to my already-too-long project 'To-Do' list. 

Anyway, I have done some things.  I'm currently tatting a new doily which should be ready for show-and-tell by next weekend.  The last doily I was working on, Tattyhead's 'Star Attraction' is lost!  It just disappeared in the Great Unknown, tatting bag and all!  Very sad about that.  That bag was handmade for me by a friend.  Back to the beginning for that one, I guess.  The loss of the thread annoys me, too.  It was Venus 40 thread bought at a trade show.  If anyone knows of a site in the U.S. it can be purchased, please let me know.

On the crochet front, I just completed a new stash bag using some stash yarn.  A concept that never occurred to me before, seriously.  Logic, it's not for me, I guess!  :D

The bottom is simply rounds of single crochet with increases of six per round.  The outermost round is 144 stitches.  The bag itself is the Peacock Stitch from Crochet Inspiration by Sasha Kagan.  Three rows of sc for the top decreased by twelve each row to keep it from curling too much and straps made of single crochets to a length that pleased the eye.  Nearly two skeins of Red Heart Super Saver in Frosty Green went into the construction of my new stash bag.  It nicely holds seven 7 oz. skeins of yarn.  Not too shabby.

And a quickie project for the kitchen was this Granny Square Apron found HERE.  A couple hours  and some Sugar 'n Cream yarn was all this one took.  I love it!

Look!  It's me showing off some of my new skinny-ness!  

The granny square blanket inspired by my sewing box is currently undergoing a revamp.  The green I was using is just wrong, wrong, WRONG! It drags the whole thing down, but instead of banishing it to the closet, I am reworking all the green squares with the green I was originally going to use.  Always go with your first instinct!  Something I never learn.  Later today, I should have something to show for that. 

Well, the sun is shining and it's nearly 80 degrees today so I am going to take a project outside and enjoy it.  Hope you all do too! 


  1. I LOVE your new stash bag! Congratulations on the new you... apron and all!

  2. Oh dear, you've got Borrowers in the house. Once they get hold of something, you'll never get it back. Unless it just slipped behind the sofa, of course.

    Did you know Borrowers can tat? It's true, it's mentioned twice in the book series. So maybe they'll finish the doily for you. ;)

  3. I just bought some Venus size 40 yesterday from Kathy Kirchner, from MI,

    I'm pretty sure Tatting Corner has Venus threads too. You might have to email either or both and ask specifically.

  4. @Diane: Thanks, Diane!

    @Miranda: Borrowers! They're more than welcome if they want to help finish some of these WIPs laying around the place. I have a bad case of startitis. :)

    @Gina: Thanks! Ya know, Kathy Kirchner is 15 minutes away from me. I keep forgetting she carries Venus. I'm going to check out Tatting Corner, too, even though I have no restraint when it comes to shopping that site and the shop in Indiana!