Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Daydreaming of butterflies...

Spring can get here anytime now. Three weeks ago would have been nice. Is it obvious that I can't wait for the warm weather to return? My thoughts have turned to butterflies and one adorable little edging in particular:
It comes from a vintage tatting book The Tatting Book book 111 published by the Spool Cotton Company 1938.  You can find the picture on page six and the directions on page 8, Edging No. 8133.  For some reason, I don't really like the way the pattern is written so I'm tweaking it a bit more to my tastes. Once I get that worked out, I'll do it again in size 80(my favorite!) and attach it to a linen center.  The thread shown is Olympus 40.

I've been trying to get my scanner issues worked out, but alas, it is dying a slow death.  The scanner bar itself is just shutting down.  I managed to get the scan of the little edging using a bit of creative placement and  cutting.  Just to see how bad it is, I scanned the 'Jubiloso' doily, which was tatted in size 80.  It's only eight inches or so. So dainty.

 An entire 1½ inches of the scanner bar is dead, the color is washed out,  and there are fading lines running throughout.   Oh well, now I know why that print/scan/copy machine was on sale for $50!  You get what you pay for!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

'Jubiloso' and a heart or three

Happy Sunday evening all! The outpouring of grief and love for our Tatting Goddess has made me realize what a tight loving community the tatting world is, something I've been missing out on. I've spent the last week catching up(again) on the blogs and getting to know the new blogs. A few of the newer ones are really knocking my socks off! Just WOW.

The dust has been knocked off the shuttles, the thread bins are out of the closet. Time to make ALL the things! But first, I had to complete a WIP from a year ago. It is 'Jubiloso', Yarnplayer's beautiful creation using only ball and shuttle. The colors used keep with the musical theme of the doily. Black for the music notes, 'Chocolate Sauce' HDT representing lovely stringed instruments(a cello, perhaps?), and 'Parchment' HDT in which to write the symphony on...using a quill, of course.

Because it's still February, I couldn't possibly let the month go by without a few hearts! Martha Ess' 'Your Grape Big Heart' her book from Tat's Amoré, the red heart is Teri Dusenbury's 'Unchained Heart', and the old favorite, Tat Chat heart.

Sorry the pictures aren't clearer. I am not good with a camera even if it is a simple point and shoot. Using a scanner is my favorite method so everyone can see all the details and mistakes, but mine is dying and cash is tight so a new one has to wait a few weeks.

Well, that's it for now. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

Friday, February 17, 2012


What a dear friend we've all lost. Her blog was THE blog I read religiously. Her monthly mystery motif was how I first got to know her. I had just started my blog and didn't know how to break the ice with everyone so I just jumped in on her challenge and she responded! That made my day!

It was through Gina that I learned the joys of hairpin lace and Romanian point lace. That's her HPL fan pattern. My favorite bookmark.

I'll miss her terribly and will forever kick myself for missing the chance to meet her face to face. She invited me to Lafayette Lacers Lace Day back in 2010, but I couldn't make it. I've been so touched by all the love for Gina I've seen these past few days around Tatland. So for her I add my tribute, Gina's Netted Heart:

I just wish she could be here to see it. Peace to Gina's family. Forever in my thoughts.