Sunday, February 26, 2012

'Jubiloso' and a heart or three

Happy Sunday evening all! The outpouring of grief and love for our Tatting Goddess has made me realize what a tight loving community the tatting world is, something I've been missing out on. I've spent the last week catching up(again) on the blogs and getting to know the new blogs. A few of the newer ones are really knocking my socks off! Just WOW.

The dust has been knocked off the shuttles, the thread bins are out of the closet. Time to make ALL the things! But first, I had to complete a WIP from a year ago. It is 'Jubiloso', Yarnplayer's beautiful creation using only ball and shuttle. The colors used keep with the musical theme of the doily. Black for the music notes, 'Chocolate Sauce' HDT representing lovely stringed instruments(a cello, perhaps?), and 'Parchment' HDT in which to write the symphony on...using a quill, of course.

Because it's still February, I couldn't possibly let the month go by without a few hearts! Martha Ess' 'Your Grape Big Heart' her book from Tat's Amoré, the red heart is Teri Dusenbury's 'Unchained Heart', and the old favorite, Tat Chat heart.

Sorry the pictures aren't clearer. I am not good with a camera even if it is a simple point and shoot. Using a scanner is my favorite method so everyone can see all the details and mistakes, but mine is dying and cash is tight so a new one has to wait a few weeks.

Well, that's it for now. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


  1. Jubiloso looks wonderful, and I love the colors you've chosen! The hearts are lovely... the perfect February accent. It's great to see a post from you again!

  2. Your hearts look great! Glad to see you are back!!

  3. Fabulous doily and great hearts!!!! :)

  4. The doily is pretty! I like the colours you chose for it! The hearts are cool!