Monday, March 5, 2012

Another finish (blanket related)!

Last year sometime, I started a granny square blanket that was inspired by the colors of my sewing box.  You may(or may not) remember the post.  Being someone with a short attention span, it ended up being dropped on the UFO pile after I realized that ALL the squares with a green round needed to be done because it just wasn't working.  Well, back in early autumn I finally finished it. In the end, it became a lapghan and helped decrease my yarn stash a bit.  Since I never shared any pics here or on Ravelry and I feel a bit talky today, here it is:  The Sewing Box Granny Blanket:

For the edging I just went around with rows of single crochet and a picot edging.  It's so loud because of the grenadine used for the seams, something simple was all it needed for a finish.  It ended up being one of my fave finishes of 2011.