Sunday, October 28, 2012

I've been tatting...

...and have a pic to prove it!
Although November is breathing down our necks, I've been feeling like sunflowers.  Didn't have a pattern for a sunflower so I revisited an old friend, the Gerbera Daisy doily.  I pulled out some autumn-ish looking yellows and and orange, with a bit of Chocolate Sauce HDT for the centers, and voila!, sunflowers.  As I was just about to join the first daisy sunflower, I realized the entire outer row of green was wrong, wrong, wrong.  Hours and a lot of thread wasted.  Grrrr....hopefully I have enough green to redo it.  Any mistakes this time are staying!  We'll just call it an adaptation.  Right? 

I got off my lazy butt this weekend and framed a couple Hallowe'en themed cross stitch pieces, too.  'Mystic Sampler' and 'Near Hallowe'en', both from The Primitive Needle.  I found some cheapo frames on the clearance shelf at Meijer, a bit o' paint, and done!  By next year, I should have a nice Halloween wall!  For this year with some Irish crochet style leaves scattered about:
 I'll probably not get it done until at day or two before Halloween 2013, but currently in the Qsnap is the Prairie Schooler's 'Thine Is The Trick and the Treat'.  I'm using DMC black on Picture This Plus 32ct. Eek!.  Loving it so far.  I've got one page done, five to go!
Well, you all have a nice Sunday evening and Happy Halloween!!


  1. Looks like a good start on that doily!! :)

  2. Adaptation works for me! I used to do tons of cross stitch, but I bet it's been 20 years since I've picked up floss and needle... maybe when I retire. All of your pieces are adorable!

  3. your doily looks good despite the problems with the outer round.
    hope things work out well for you going forward. I like the sunflower center.

  4. You have some nice finished pieces there. Happy Howlowe'en!

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