Saturday, February 16, 2013

A snowy Saturday

Hello there!  Its blizzarding out again and for once, I don't even mind.  This past work week was a long slog so I am appreciating the peace and calm that comes with my needlework.  The snow coming down adds to that calm because it's as if the whole world has decided to take a break, too.  My latest finish is BBD Loose Feathers design, Bluebird's Message.  Originally, I planned to show this on my blog on St. Valentine's Day, but I'm still not sure if I like my finish for it.  Instead of a standard centered and framed piece, I left the top open for a piece of crocheted lace.  Instead, I tatted a length of edging and tacked it down before slipping it into the frame.

 Hmmm....three days later and I'm still not liking it too much.  The color is okay because it's a close match to some of the alphabet, but the pattern is just not working.  I'll pull out some pattern books and shuttles later and come up with something else, I suppose.  This is also the first time I worked with crackle medium.  Now that was fun!  Definitely something I am going to do again.
Sorry for the dreary picture, the gray day does not make for good picture taking.

Speaking of tatting, it occurred to me that it's been a year since a dear tatting friend beloved by all of Tatland passed away.  Gina Brummett, the one and only Tatting Goddess, was and still is a huge influence on my needlework.  It's because of her I learned to dabble in Romanian Point Lace and knitting.  I still regularly visit her blog and click through her blog roll.  Fascinating and lovely woman.  I shall always regret not trying harder to meet her when I had the chance. 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Been stitchin'!

Dropping in to say hello and see what everyone is up to!  It's a dreary, snowy Sunday here in SE Michigan. The perfect kind of day to stitch.  Or watch the Superbowl, if that's your thing.  49ers!

So far today, I've done all the laundry that's been piling up, made a pot roast with biscuits from scratch,  finished a little bitty sampler, went to the gym(to work off aforementioned biscuits), and framed a finish that's been waiting since August.  Now I will do nothing but sit for the rest of the night!  I'm sure to lose an hour or two to Pinterest.  Now for some pictures...

The finished finish:
 Magic Garden from Shakespeare's Peddler using suggested threads on 40 ct linen.  I'm still working on my mounting and framing techniques.  The frame was a clearance item from Michaels.  I think it may be a bit too small.

The little sampler and another I added a few trinkets to:
Heart In Hand's Sunflower Sampler.  So cute!!  And for St. Patrick's Day, it's R&R Reproductions  Scattering of Shamrocks.  I picked up some shamrock charms to add to it. Now they  just need a good pressing and frames.  I'm getting a bit addicted to R&R's Crown and Thistle charts.  In the past week I've picked up a couple and have a handful on my want list.

My next big thing is going to be this:
Blue Ribbon Designs Mystery Sampler, Blue Jeans & Daisies!  I impatiently waited all week for the mailman and now it's here.  I plan to start this week.  Love that gorgeous blue fabric!

Well, that's all for now.  I'll be back soon to show some progress on other stuff. Have a good week!

EDITED TO ADD: I just realized I need to change my wallpaper.  Belated Merry Xmas!