Saturday, February 16, 2013

A snowy Saturday

Hello there!  Its blizzarding out again and for once, I don't even mind.  This past work week was a long slog so I am appreciating the peace and calm that comes with my needlework.  The snow coming down adds to that calm because it's as if the whole world has decided to take a break, too.  My latest finish is BBD Loose Feathers design, Bluebird's Message.  Originally, I planned to show this on my blog on St. Valentine's Day, but I'm still not sure if I like my finish for it.  Instead of a standard centered and framed piece, I left the top open for a piece of crocheted lace.  Instead, I tatted a length of edging and tacked it down before slipping it into the frame.

 Hmmm....three days later and I'm still not liking it too much.  The color is okay because it's a close match to some of the alphabet, but the pattern is just not working.  I'll pull out some pattern books and shuttles later and come up with something else, I suppose.  This is also the first time I worked with crackle medium.  Now that was fun!  Definitely something I am going to do again.
Sorry for the dreary picture, the gray day does not make for good picture taking.

Speaking of tatting, it occurred to me that it's been a year since a dear tatting friend beloved by all of Tatland passed away.  Gina Brummett, the one and only Tatting Goddess, was and still is a huge influence on my needlework.  It's because of her I learned to dabble in Romanian Point Lace and knitting.  I still regularly visit her blog and click through her blog roll.  Fascinating and lovely woman.  I shall always regret not trying harder to meet her when I had the chance. 

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  1. That's a beautiful sampler! I like the idea of adding an edging at the top. I can see why you might not like it, but it must be difficult finding the perfect fit.